Sunday, February 24, 2008

MC Takes 5 at Gibson 2008

Bodes well for Champs
MC Track and Field arrived at Gibson 2008 still buzzing from the West Champs victory earlier in the week. With a slight injury to Class II double middle-distance winner, Erroll Davis, we were unable to field our 4x800 team which has yet to touch the track this season. However, we were able to field teams in the 4x100m all classes, 4x200m Class II and the 4x400m Open.

We made it to the finals in three events, the 4x100m Class III and II, and the 4x400m Open. All three teams placed fifth in their respective finals. Good word must be mentioned of the incredible lead-off leg run by Adam Cummings that saw him covering the athletes from STETHS and Wolmers in the two lanes ahead of him.

Again, there was a bit of controversy with regards to how we finished in the 4x400m open, but pictures tell no lies. We were given a DNF (did not finish) result but the picture clearly shows that we finished in 5th place (click on picture to see larger image).

All in all we had a very good meet as we haven't performed this well at Gibson for quite a few years. This also bodes well for Boys Champs in three weeks (March 12 - 15).

MCTF GIBSON RELAY 2008 VIDEOS (Click on links to view)
Boys 4x400m Open
Boys Class II 4x100m Final

Boys Class III 4x100m Final

Photos: Top Left - Petrol Nelson to Moses Watkiss (Courtesy of Lippy); Centre - 4x400m Photo Finish

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Munro Lifts Title for First Time in Six Years

Western Champs 2008 saw Munro lifting the Boy's title outright for the first time since 2002 (we tied for 1st in '03). The meet was eventful. The first day suffered from the vagaries of tardiness, poor organization and an overall lack of manpower. As a result the best of intentions led to a meet that left a lot to be desired. By now many of you know that Class I athlete Andrene "Petrol" Nelson (above left) had won his heat and was left out of the semi-final on the first day of the competition. After having the coach's official attempt at a protest rebuked on several occasions the senior members of the team sat across the track and stopped the event until a solution was found 20-mins later. Petrol Nelson was properly and officially placed into the semi and proceeded to easily qualify for the final where he came fourth in 50.11s.

The final day also proved eventful as the team bus had difficulties and arrived late. We missed our first race (Class I 110mH) and immediately gave up 14 of our 29 point lead. Shortly after Class III sprint ace Adam Cummings false started and was DQ'd from the 100m final. The dejection was fleeting. As it was Cummings himself that rallied the team back into form by winning the CIII 200m race over the favourite, Demar Levy (Kenroy's nephew) of STETHS.

We had many victories at the meet and featured three double winners in Omar Bryan, Erroll Davis and double record breaker Rajae Gayle:

Class IV
Romario Lynch - High Jump

Class III
200m - Adam Cummings
1,500m - Levar Dunchie (11-yrs old)
High Jump - Chadwick Morrison

Class II
100m - Rolando Reid
110mH - Patrick Campbell
800m - Erroll Davis
1,500m - Erroll Davis
Discus - Rajae Gayle
Shot Put - Rajae Gayle

Class I
Discus - Omar Bryan
Shot Put - Omar Bryan

A comprehensive list of results can be found at the link below:

I'd like to thank all those involved in putting this victory together, it's been a long time coming and the fruit of a lot of hard work by many people mostly unseen. Special thanks must go out to Head Coach Richard Wilson, Coach Cole, Mr. Joe Powell and the tireless Dr. Gwyn Jones who has guided the field event athletes for the greater part of two decades. The field events have been the cornerstone for many years now and it will continue to be of paramount importance in our quest to be successful at the national level.

Congratulations must also be given to the new Headmaster of STETHS, Mr. Keith Wellington (MC Class of '88), for hosting an elegant and efficient final day.

We now move on to the Gibson Relays this Saturday, February 23rd.

Best Regards...
B.C. Hayden (Class of '87)
Team Manager

Photos: Left Top - Petrol Nelson (File Photo); Left - Rajae Gayle (Courtesy of Sickko); Right - Erroll Davis (Courtesy of Lippy); Coaches and Mgmt (L-R): Steve Cole, Richard Wilson, Brando Hayden, Dr. K. Gwyn Jones

Official Final Point Standings (Top 10 in bold)
Munro- 341, Mannings- 312, STETHS-280.5, Herbert Morrison- 158, Cornwall College-104, Petersfield- 100, William Knibb Memorial-86, Godfrey Stewart-69, Green Island-40, Frome Tech-37, Muschett-24, Knockalva and Albert Town-21, Grange Hill- 19, St James High and Little London-15, Lewisville-14, Maud McLeod-13, Rusea's- 12, Lacovia and Maldon-6, Holland-5, Irwin-4, Hopewell and Balaclava-2



Sports Day 2008 proved to be a humdinger in many events. All MCTF athletes performed well on the final day, either winning or placing behind their colleagues. Many discoveries were made on the day including, Shamar Hanson in the Class III sprints and jumps, Ziggy Rochester in the Class I high jump and Romario Lynch in the Class IV jumps.

Final Results

1. Dickinson
2. Coke Farquharson
3. Sangster
4. Harrison
5. Pearman Calder

Photos: Left - Class I 4x100; Right - Principal Branford Gayle and Coach Richard Wilson (Courtesy of Lippy)

*** NB: This will be the last year that PC finishes in last place***