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MCTF student-athletes were constantly on-stage at this year's Prize Giving ceremony. They have once again proven themselves to be true scholar-athletes by capturing numerous academic and athletic awards. Special mention must be made of Class III thrower Douglas Bowen (below left) who captured the Academic Gold Award for all three terms of the '07 - '08 academic year.

National representatives Rajae Gayle and Rolando Reid captured title awards as well. Rajae won Senior Sportsman of the year and Senior Track and Field Athlete of the year. Rolando Reid was awarded the trophy for Junior Athlete of the Year. Adam Cummings won the award for Junior T&F Athlete of the year in addition to an academic Bronze Award. Class I thrower Razzack White won the award for Senior Basketball Player of the Year. Class III sprinter/Jumper Amin Miller won awards for Junior Hockey and Junior Football Player of the year.

Other MCTF athletes to win academic awards were sprinters Tashane "Champs" Bromfield, Oshane Black and Myles Chingara; distance runners Erroll "Solly" Davis, Justin Johnson and Levar Dunchie; jumpers Adrian Johnson and Desric Beckford; and thrower Emmanuel Oniya.

Below (L-R): Adrian Johnson, Rajae Gayle, Rolando Reid, Adam Cummings

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Following on from our first feature we have joint holder of the 2008 Most Improved Athlete of the Year Award, Tashane "Champs" Bromfield.

Name: Tashane O. Bromfield
DOB: August 1, 1992
Born: Manchester, JA
Form: Fifth Form
House: Dickenson
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180lbs

Champs truly came to prominence in the 07-08 season. He has been a member of the MCTF Squad for the last four seasons but never started in a championship meet until this year. Champs has been among the most consistent student-athletes at training over the last four years. Not only was he always present but worked very hard and was disciplined throughout.

All his work and patience came to fruition during the 2008 STETHS Invitational when he ran 11.1 in the Class II 100m, almost a full second faster than his personal best. Champs went on to run 11.19 in the prelims at Boys Champs and made it to the semis where he ran 11.51. Undaunted by not making the final he came back to run a monster leg in the Class II 4x100m finals.

Champs' story is one of patience, focus and determination. He is the full embodiment of the success that can come through hard work and perseverance through adversity. His aim is to make a final at Boy's Champs 2009. I wouldn't bet against him.
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2008 Inter-House Cross Country Champs

November 2008 saw the reintroduction of the Inter-House Cross Country Championships. Coach Harrison designed a new route, combining elements of Plummertown, Chelsea and Mother Blair. It all resulted in a pretty exciting day as this was the first Championships since 2004 and a large percentage of the school's staff participated in its organization and execution. Congrats to Coach Harrison and his team.

Sangster house lifted the Senior (Class I & II) Cup and Pearman Calder the Junior (Class III & IV).

This year's overall and senior winner was Coke House 5th former Erroll Davis. MCTF fans know Erroll as the middle distance double winner at the 2008 Western Championships and a finalist in the Class II 800m and 1500m at Champs. Erroll was also a member of this year's Dacosta Cup Squad (Winger).

Levar Dunchie (right) of Pearman Calder was the Junior winner. Levar represents the school in Track and Field, Football and Cricket and won the Class IV 3000m at the 2008 Western Championships.

Please see a summary of the results below.

Top Ten Finishers
1. Erroll Davis (Class I, 5th form, Coke Farquhason)
2. Doran Ricketts (Class I, Lower Sixth, Harrison)
3. Justin Johnson (Class II, 3rd form, Dickenson)
4. Odane Reid (Class I, Upper 6th, Sangster)
5. David Beezer (Class I, Upper 6th, Sangster)
6. Levar Dunchie (Class III, 2nd form, Pearman Calder)
7. David Johnson (Class IV, 1st form, Harrison)
8. Kaneil Harrison (Class III, 3rd form, Sangster)
9. Giovanni Mowatt (Class I, 5th, Pearman Calder)
10. Giovanni Foote (Class I, Lower 6th, Sangster)

Top Three Seniors
1. Erroll Davis (Class I, 5th form, Coke Farquhason)
2. Doran Ricketts (Class I, Lower Sixth, Sangster)
3. Justin Johnson (Class II, 3rd form, Dickenson)

Top Three Juniors
6. Levar Dunchie (Class III, 2nd form, Pearman Calder)
7. David Johnson (Class IV, 1st form, Harrison)
8. Kaneil Harrison (Class III, 3rd form, Sangster)
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


MCTF Scholars on the Move
Cosmo "Spotty" Stevens and Andrene "Petrol" Nelson started on athletic scholarships at UWI this September and are both doing extremely well in the classroom and in training (Petrol has been training since Sept., yeah September!). Cosmo was actually picked to represent the University at the UWI Spec Half Marathon (Trinidad) in October. He finished in 1:23:56.5 which put him 22nd overall, 2nd among UWI Students and 3rd among all University/College entrants. Congrats Spotty!

Keep up the good work fellows...

B.C. Hayden
Team Manager


This year we are going to spend some time introducing you to the members of the squad. We'll start off with joint holder of the 2008 Most Improved Athlete of the Year Award, Jodirae Blackwood.

Name: Jodirae O Blackwood
DOB: June 3, 1991
Born: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Form: Lower Sixth
House: Sangster
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 165lbs

Jodirae first joined the team in 2006 as a sprint hurdler and made the Class II 110mH final at Western Champs that year. In January 2008 he was asked to run a leg on our 4x400m team at the Central Hurdles and Relay meet. Jodirae surprised everyone but himself when he dropped a sub-50 split and he's been a fixture on the mile relay team since. His best performance in a flat 4 prior to 2008 was no better than 52 seconds, but with hard work and determination he broke through the 50-sec barrier and ran 48.46 (pb) in the 2nd round of the Class I 400m at Champs 2008.

Jodirae plans to make the Champs final in 2009 after missing the finals this year by 1/100th of a second.

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New Season | New Coach | New Faces
Here we are again at the beginning of yet another season. Many things have changed and many remain the same. One person that captures both the past and the present is our new coach for the '08-'09 season, Neil Harrison.

Coach Harrison first came to Munro in 1997 and immediately made a huge impact by producing a high calibre mile relay team that won at the Penn Relays that year. He would later guide Munro's mile relay team to two consecutive wins at Gibson and Champs in 1999 and 2000 (see video links below). Under the tenure of Coach Harrison and Head Coach Leroy Allison Munro also won the Western Athletics Championships for six consecutive years until 2003. During this time Coach Harrison earned national recognition as the best Western Regional Coach and was appointed as a National Coach to the Carifta Games from 2001 to 2003.

Coach Harrison is married to wife Karlene (Cindy) and is father to Kaneil and Nekaila.

We are happy to have him back at Munro College and look forward to renewed success at every level.

1999 Champs 4x400m Open Final
2000 Champs 4x400m Open Final

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Best Regards,
B.C. Hayden
Team Manager

Friday, August 22, 2008


This record has been soft for a while now. With the onslaught of sub-10s and sub-9.9s we've seen over the last five years, someone should have cracked this a long time ago. Well, no better time or place than the final of the Greatest Olympics Ever!!! Enjoy...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bolt Smashes The Sport's Greatest Record!!!


The Long Version + Michael Johnson's Post-Race Commentary


Splits for the Men's 200m Final
Courtesy of Deacon and X-King

9.96 + 9.34 = 19.30 BOLT
10.23 + 9.59 = 19.82 MARTINA
10.44 + 9.51 = 19.95 SPEARMON
10.18 + 9.78 = 19.96 CRAWFORD
10.23 + 9.75 = 19.98 DIX
10.37 + 9.85 = 20.22 DZINGAI
10.45 + 9.95 = 20.40 MALCOLM
10.44 + 10.15 = 20.59 COLLINS

Bolt's 9.96 100m bend ties Tyson Gay's fastest from his 19.68 at WAF 2006 .

Bolt's 9.34 for 100-200m is the 4th fastest all-time behind:
1. MJ (10.12 + 9.20 = 19.32; 1996 Atlanta)
2. Xavier Carter (10.34 + 9.29 = 19.63; 2006 Lausanne)
3. Tommie Smith (10.52 + 9.31 = 19.83A; 1968 Mexico City)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Shelly-Ann Fraser Wins Olympic Gold !!!
In what can only be described as the greatest day in Jamaica's Track and Field history we witnessed the most incredible quinella imaginable (a quinfecta really). Shelly-Ann "The Pocket Rocket" Fraser, grabbed and ran away with the women's 100m gold medal only to be followed by her teammates, Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart in a tie for second place.

Fraser clocked a world-leading 10.78 (0.0w) to take the crown as the World's Fastest Woman. This, just 24-hrs after her fellow country-man, Usain Bolt, did the same, by capturing the Men's title in a WR time of 9.69 (0.0w).

It's a great day for Track and Field and an even greater weekend for Jamaica. Jamaican sprinting has grown beyond the comfort-blanket of the "likkle but wi talawah" moniker. We are a Global Sprinting Powerhouse that is, as we speak, dominating the short sprints at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Jamaica is the 800lb Gorilla in the room and it's been a long time in the making.

Nuff Respect must go to all the men and women that came before those who shine today. The pioneers of '48 and '52, Merlene Ottey, Donald Quarrie, Lennox Miller, et al. Nuff Respect to ISSA, the JTA's Primary School, All-Age and Junior High Parish System; Prep School Champs and the JAAA. But we must also thank the IAAF and the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) for doing their best to ensure a level playing field for all.

Jamaica is on top and "Wi Big Bout Ya"!

Friday, August 15, 2008





Splits of Usain's WR Olympic Run
Courtesy of The Science of Sport
Times at 60m for the Entire Field
(when the body stops accelerating)

6.32 + 3.37 = 9.69 BOLT
6.40 + 3.49 = 9.89 THOMPSON
6.46 + 3.45 = 9.91 DIX
6.52 + 3.41 = 9.93 MARTINA
6.43 + 3.52 = 9.95 POWELL
6.48 + 3.49 = 9.97 FRATER
6.46 + 3.55 = 10.01 BURNS
6.55 + 3.48 = 10.03 PATTON
Courtesy of Pierre Jean from CF Forums

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Bolt returned to the track in record breaking form once again by smashing his own national 200m record with a spirited 19.67 (-0.5w) run in Greece this afternoon. The video tells the rest of the story.


Friday, July 11, 2008


Congratulations to Dexter and his coach Claude Grant. You've done Jamaica proud and continue to put Western Jamaica on the map. Please note that Dexter is still the only Jamaican male with a Global 100m title (WYC '07 and WJC '08).

Amateur Video of Dexter's Championship Win

Saturday, June 28, 2008




Friday, June 27, 2008



Two graduating Munro College Track and Field team members, Cosmo "Spotty" Stephens (Team Captain and Head of Dickenson House) and Andrene "Petrol" Nelson (Head Prefect) have won inaugural track scholarships to the University of the West Indies (UWI). They were acknowledged along with three other scholarship recipients yesterday at a press conference held in the UWI Visitors' Lounge.

Both have been natural leaders throughout their careers at Munro and we have no doubt they will continue to be so at UWI, where Cosmo will pursue a degree in Management Studies and Andrene in International Relations. Spotty and Petrol entered Munro on the same day and have been members of the school's track team since their first year. They developed deep records of accomplishment over the years, particularly at the Western Championships where both have picked up numerous titles in the jumps, middle distance and sprint events.

MCTF is incredibly proud of these young men and congratulate them on their fantastic achievement. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

BC Hayden

PICS: (L-R in both) Cosmo Stephens and Andrene Nelson

***More to come later***

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This past weekend Munro Track and Field sent eight representatives to the National Junior Championships. We came away with three gold, two silver and one bronze, all from the throwing events.

Rajae Gayle (left) continued his fantastic run for the 2008 season with gold medal winning performances and personal bests in the U-17 Shot Put and Discus. Gayle threw 49.85m in the discus and 15.79m in the shot to take the double in the National Championships. This adds to his discus gold and shot put bronze from this year's Carifta Games.

First-year Class II man Emmanuel Oniya (below right) took silver and bronze in the U-17 Shot and Discus respectively with throws of 12.86m and 40.83m. We must also make special mention of our Class III thrower Jevaughn Shaw, who just missed out on the medals with fourth place performances in both events.

In the 17-19 category, Omar "Big Shot" Bryan took the Discus Championship with a throw of 48.42m. This adds to his Penn Relays Discus bronze from earlier this April. Bryan will also compete at the National Senior Championships where he will throw the 2K Discus alongside former MC and National Thrower, Rory Marsh.

Much thanks to Dr. Gwyn Jones for the preparation of the throwers.

Pictures (L-R: Rajae Gayle and Emmanuel Oniya)

B.C. Hayden

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008


BOLT STEALS THE SHOW (and this report)
Munro College Track and Field performed its last relay event for the 2008 season at the Jamaica International Invitational last night at the National Stadium. We fielded a team of Andrene "Petrol" Nelson, Shawn Manboard, Jodirae Blackwood and Rolando "Midnight" Reid in the High School Boys 4x400m and finished 4th in a time of 3:19:32. We commend the team and coaches on a much improved season and wish them the best for 2009 and beyond.

And now for the thunder. Usain Bolt dropped a 9.76 (1.8w) over 100m last night and squarely captured the hearts and minds of a nationalistic Jamaican crowd. It was a performance that left the casual fan elated and the sport's "intelligencia" awe struck. With Asafa Powell sustaining a disturbing early season injury many were left to believe that a particular US sprinter would canter his way through to the gold medal at the Olympic Games later this August. Young Bolt, 21, has quite possibly put that nervous theory to rest. We sincerely hope that Asafa bounces back to full-fitness to face Bolt at this year's trials and the world in Beijing.


Needless to say that this recent phenomenon bodes well for our national sprint relay team as well. We now have the deepest national pool in years, perhaps ever, with Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt, Michael Frater, Marvin Anderson, Steve Mullings, Nesta Carter, Dwight Thomas, Chris Williams and Clement Campbell all running 10.1x or better. With a group like this one might eschew desire of the August flat final for the one in late June right here at the Stadium. It should be the best National Trials ever.

It was good for the young Munronians to witness such a feat from one of their very own from Western Jamaica. Bolt, the former William Knibb athlete, continues to perpetuate the sport's maxim of "speed begets speed and excellence begets excellence". What the young ones see, the young ones do and will eventually do better. Both Rolando "Midnight" Reid and Adam "Redz" Cummings were in the stadium last night. Reid won last year's Class III 100m final and Cummings this year's in a record time of 10.91. Both should have been duly inspired. On a similar note, Omar Bryan, recent discus bronze medalist at the Penn Relays, performed the role of "Measuring Official" during the shot put event won by national record holder Dorian Scott (20.51m).

Until next time, enjoy the video of Bolt's Bomb above (courtesy of Raffic Shaw). Complete results for the meet can be found here: 2008 Jamaica International Invitational Meet

Photo Source:

B.C. Hayden ('87)
Team Manager

Bolt Follows with 9.92 at T&T's Hampton Games

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Big Bryan Led the Way
Munro College has returned from the 115th Penn Relays Carnival a bit lighter in the medal category than we had hoped for. We did not return empty handed, however, as reigning CAC U-17 Discus Champion and Record Holder, Omar Bryan, took third place in the High School Boys Discus Competition with a throw of 50.48m (165-7). This placed him first among all Jamaican athletes entered in the event. We offer up special congratulations to Omar, his coach Dr. Gwyn Jones and Michael Vassell who helped guide all the Jamaican throwers during the competition in Philadelphia.

We started out well initially on the track. In the 4x100m heat we were ahead by a tremendous distance and were well on our way to a season's beast in the region of 41.5 or better when our anchor man, Moses Watkis, strained his hamstring muscle and bravely limped across the line for 2nd place in a time of 43.51 (click here for video - MC is in Lane 2). While we had no injuries for the 4x400m a lack of focus possibly led to the rather pedestrian time of 3:21:50 almost a full four seconds below our season's best of 3:17:72 (click here for video).

We now move onto a possible lane in this weekend's Jamaica Invitational and then onto the National Junior Trials, which will be held separately from the Seniors this year on June 13th and 14th.

We thank everyone for their support over the year and feel confident that our student-athletes got good exposure as we have had initial inquiries from Norfolk State University and North Carolina A&T University. Omar Bryan is now also on the radar screen of a few colleges as he was the best of the local athletes in the discus.

We must say a "Big Respect" to the Old Boys that made it to the meet: Garfield Comrie (Western Union), Weldon "Perro" Maddan, Damion "Missah C" Campbell, Escoffery "Scaffo" Thomas, "Trouble" Rowe, David Knight, Raymond "Foggy" Farquharson and David "Baddaz" Atkinson. We must also say a big thanks to that indomitable organization, Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB). TJB and its legion of volunteers and sponsors ensured all schools found safe and affordable accommodations along with free transportation and meals. We are reminded during times of crisis of the strength of the Jamaican Spirit and Brotherhood. TJB consistently reaffirms these virtues each and every year and as such they make us more proud to be Jamaican.

Best Regards,
B.C. Hayden
Team Manager

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Back Row (L-R) Richard Wilson (Coach), Omar Bryan, Shawnterry Manboard, Jodirae Blackwood, Andrene Nelson (Head Prefect), Moses Watkis, Steve Cole (Coach); Front Row (L-R) Adam Cummings, Erroll Davis; Absent - Rolando Reid (US Embassy)

A ten man delegation from Munro College Track and Field will leave the Donald Sangster International Airport today for Philadelphia. Included in that number are:

Jodirae Blackwood (4x100 & 4x400m - ran 48.4 at Champs)
Omar Bryan (Discus - Current CAC U-17 Record Holder)
Adam Cummings (Rewarded for winning National CIII 100m title in record time of 10.91 - not competing)
Erroll Davis (4x400m - 2nd Yr CII - 1:56.9h over 800m)
Shawnterry Manboard (4x100 & 4x400m - 10.7h and 50.4h)
Andrene Nelson (4x100m & 4x400m - Head Prefect - Relay Animal 49.1 over 400m)
Rolando Reid (4x100m & 4x400m - 10.6h - '07 CIII 100m Champ)
Moses Watkis (4x100m & TJ - 10.7h - D'Cup Striker and National U-20 Invitee)

Richard Wilson
Steve Cole

We wish them all the best and thank everyone that helped make this trip possible. The guys looked good at the Penn Camp held this past weekend at Stadium East. Second leg man on the mile relay team, Jodi-Rae Blackwood, had the flu and was rested. Other than that all went well with Nelson and Reid clocking 49.1 and 49.4 over 400m in a 90% time trial. Omar Bryan threw for a few hours by the St. Hugh's field with Dr. Jones, Michael Vassell and Rory Marsh. He left with a best of 51.50m that would have put him 5th in last year's competition.

Let's remember that the last time Munro went to the Penn Relays in 2006 we won the 4x100m for High School Boys (Small Schools). Here's the video of that race to refresh your memory.

I will try and keep everyone updated on how things are going for the fellows over the weekend. In the meantime feel free to browse the Flotrack Video site at the end of each day for videos of every race. A link to the results can also be found below.

1. FLOTRACK VIDEO - PENN RELAYS COVERAGE 2008 (Updated at end of each day)

The 2008 4x100m Heat (anchor leg pulls)

The 2008 4x400m Heat


Friday, April 11, 2008


Class II and Sprints Dominated for Munro in '08
For the last three years we have wrapped up our "Champs" Season with a Team Meeting and small Prize Giving Ceremony where those who have gained points at the National Boys Championships are awarded. This builds on the Annual Bucky Awards that are given out by Dr. Jones each year for field event athletes.

At this meeting we also take time to review and analyze the team's performance at the meet and lay the groundwork for strategy going into the next few seasons. Since we now have the blog we can share some of these highlights with you. We normally meet to discuss strategy in May before final exams and again in September at the beginning of the academic year. I will keep you abreast of these dates as we would like to expand the process and make it more inclusive going forward.

A few integral boundary conditions before you review the charts. At Boys Champs the breakdown of total point potential across event groups looks like this:

Event Group

Contribution to Total Possible Points (%)

Sprints, Hurdles and Relays


Distance & Mid. Distance




Jumps and Heptathlon


As you can see sprint related events account for most of the maximum possible points earned at the Championships. In order to win these Championships one must at worst have a team balanced across at least three of the event groups including the sprint related events.

Munro has traditionally done well in the field events and as such we have a strong base there. This year the tables were turned somewhat in that most of our points were earned in the sprints as seen in the first and second charts (tough to label without HTML). To see the charts in greater detail simply click on the picture and it will expand. There's a lot more to say but these images are self-explanatory and we're out of space. Feel free to ask questions and make comments and we can respond there.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


MC Goes to the Penn Relays
We are happy to announce that in 2008 Munro College will be sending a team of eight athletes and two coaches to the 114th running of the Penn Relays in Philadelphia, USA. The school will compete in four events, the 4x100m, the4x400m, the Discus and the Triple Jump for High School Boys. This would not have been possible without the help of numerous Old Boys, the Old Boys Assoc., Friends of MC Track and Field, and the School.

MC Track and Field, through donations from past students and friends has provided eight airline tickets towards the trip and a US$70 stipend to each member of the squad. The school at this point will cover the remaining costs of US$1,500 for the hotel and US$1,000 for the remaining two tickets. The team leaves Jamaica from Montego Bay on April 23rd and returns from Philadelphia on April 28th. (Photo: B. Hayden (r) hands over tickets to Coach Wilson (l) on behalf of MC Track & Field)

We are grateful for all donations but must make special mention of Comfitanya Restaurant that hosted a "no-risk" Fish Fry on our behalf . The Fish Fry contributed three of the airline tickets. The Munro Old Boy's Association contributed two tickets, as did Lawson "Ginga" Wellington ('87), and Central Food Packers (P.C. Bravo) contributed one.

We must thank everyone for supporting the MC Track and Field cause and our efforts to send the team to the Penn Relays (Training Camp, Team Gear and Stipend).

Special thanks must go to:

Dr. Charles Rockhead ('89), Wilfred Chin ('), Bryan Cummings ('), Glaister Welsh ('88), Raymond "Foggy" Farquharson ('85), Clavel Edwards ('83), Patrick "Rocky" Drummond ('85), David "Badaz" Atkinson ('82), Glen Patrick ('69), Trevor Jackson ('82), Dr. Andre "Soapy"Robinson ('90), David "Chigro"Campbell ('90), Tommo Tomlinson ('90), Dr. Peter "Atom" Harriott ('90), Anthony "Chalwa" Dunn, Selwyn "Fish T" Davis ('89), Michael "Fisha" Fisher ('89), Barrington "Fink" Watson ('88) and friends Sonia Hayden, Heather Robinson, Janyce Robinson, Kari Morrison, Dave Anderson, Carol Brown, Karlene Bailey and Fiona Jones.


Jodirae Blackwood (4x100 & 4x400m - ran 48.4 at Champs)
Omar Bryan (Discus - Current CAC U-17 Record Holder)
Adam Cummings (Rewarded for winning National CIII 100m title in record time of 10.91 - not competing)
Erroll Davis (4x400m - 2nd Yr CII - 1:56.9h over 800m)
Shawnterry Manboard (4x100 & 4x400m - 10.7h and 50.4h)
Andrene Nelson (4x100m & 4x400m - Head Prefect - Relay Animal)
Rolando Reid (4x100m & 4x400m - 10.6h - '07 CIII 100m Champ)
Moses Watkis (4x100m & TJ - 10.7h - D'Cup Striker)

Richard Wilson
Steve Cole

Monday, March 24, 2008

Munro Athletes Reap Gold at CARIFTA 2008

MC Duo Strikes Gold

Rajae "Flajah" Gayle and Rolando "Midnight" Reid will each leave St. Kitts with two gold and two bronze medals.

Reid captured his medals as a member of both U-17 relay teams. He received a bronze for his work in the 4x100m and a gold medal for breaking open Jamaica's lead on the 2nd leg of the 4x400m.

Rajae Gayle continues a stellar tradition for Munro throwers at the CARIFTA Games. On the opening day he took the bronze in the U-17 Shot Put with a throw of 14.75m and came back on the final day to take gold in the Discus with a personal best throw of 48.54m.

Congrats to both Rajae and Rolando you have carried the Munro and Jamaica flags high!

*Photo (L-R): Rolando Reid and Rajae Gayle

Sunday, March 16, 2008

MC Roars into 6th Place

Two Years and Two Class III 100m Champions!

The quest to greatness continues. Champs 2008 is now over and it has been our best performance for many years. We are firmly on our way back to prominence and beyond. Before I get to some outstanding details let me thank the coaching staff for a job well done. Head Coach Richard Wilson has brought tremendous energy to the process since last September and has yielded successful results. Coach Cole came over in January after the football season and helped sharpen the hurdlers and senior sprinters. The evergreen Dr. Gwyn Jones guided the jumpers and throwers to a stellar season that gave the entire team the confidence to roll into this meet and move to 6th position from 21st four years ago. Congrats to them all.

Now to the Outstanding results. Class III 100m Champion Adam "Reds" Cummings broke the 6-yr old event record by a full 8/100th of a second. He posted a time of 10.91 in a performance that one could perhaps only see when visualizing "the perfect race". Coming into the final as the projected runner-up Cummings stamped his class within the first five metres by literally stepping on the rest of the field with a rocket start and an instant two metre lead. He moved this lead to almost five metres before the favourite, Bridgeport's Jazeel Murphy, closed slightly with 60 to go. Cummings responded, stepped away and sprinted tall to the finish and the roar of the stadium crowd who seem to have adopted the copper-topped kid on sight. If you've ever been to Champs then you'll know everyone in the stands in an expert analyst. Post race comments rang out from "Big Horse!!! Im likkle but a big horse dat iyah", "mi did ah tell yu a seh a di copper a tek it", "my yute done im from di gun starrr". Well "my yute" is really the son of our own Bryan "Lippy" Cummings who might have visualized this race himself 14-yrs ago when Adam was born. To top it off, Adam was awarded the trophy for "Most Outstanding Male Athlete". Congrats to both Adam and Bryan.

Last year's Class III 100m Champion Rolando "Midnight" Reid was never tipped by the pundits to win in his 1st year of Class II. He missed the title by less than 1/100th of a second in a photo finish that was a throwback to McKenley's 100m in 1952. The photo-meisters deliberated for quite a while and accurately rebuffed an official protest to give Reid a time of 10.83 seconds behind 2nd-yr man Earl Lee's 10.82. Both athlete's will represent Jamaica in this week's Carifta Games. Reid, running from lane 8, emerged from the blocks behind the field and clawed his way back into the medals and what looked like a win by dipping hard at the line. While his head crossed the line before Earl Lee's torso the photo shows his shoulder and chest were only but a very slight sliver away. Reid is a true warrior in every sense of the word. He never gives up and gives it his all in every final that he steps to the line. He also ran from lane 8 in the 200m final and took the bronze there. Congrats Midnight, you're a true leader.

Rajae "Flaja" Gayle, our second Carifta selection, stepped in the ring for the Class II Discus and clutched a bronze medal with his penultimate throw. He took 5th in the Shot Put final.

Congratulations must go out to all three of our medal winners, Rajae Gayle, Adam Cummings and Rolando Reid.

There were other very notable performances that carried us to our 61 point tally. Erroll "Solli" Davis was a double scorer in the Class II 800 and 1500m finals. Davis, who has nursed a hamstring injury for the greater part of the season displayed great valour in putting together two excellent races to take 6th in the 1500m and 4th in the 800m. Davis won the bronze in the Class III 800m in 2006.

The feather-light first year Class II hurdler Patrick Campbell battled a 3.3m/s headwind to take 6th in the 110mH final.

Class I throwers Razzack White and Omar Bryan took 6th in the discus and 5th in the shot respectively. Head Prefect, Andrene Nelson, made the 400mH final but succumbed to a hamstring strain and finished 8th. The Class II sprint relay quartet of Rasheem Eccleston, Tashane "Champs" Bromfield, Patrick Campbell and Rolando Reid, clocked a season's best of 43.01 to finish in 6th place.

All in all MC Track and Field had a very good meet and sit on the threshold of the big five. When the strategy was laid out this is exactly where we were projected to be in 2008. It has come from the support of the school's administration, dedicated past students and hard work and diligence on the part of the students and coaches.

Congrats to the team. Let's support our two Carifta charges this week and those on the move towards the Penn Relays in late April.

Best Regards,
Brando Hayden
Team Manager

Class III 100m Final - Adam Cummings Breaks Record

Class II 100m Final - First Year II Rolando Reid Takes Silver

Class III 100m Final
Class II 100m Final
Class I 100m Final
Class III 200m Final
Class II 200m Final
Class I 200m Final (N/A)
Class II 800m Final
Class III 4x100m Final
Class II 4x100m Final
Class I 4x100m Final

More Champs videos can be found on our Youtube Channel

Final Point Standings (Top Ten)
(3) ST. JAGO HIGH 155.50 (4) JAMAICA COLLEGE 153

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Reid and Gayle Earn Spots on National Team

Rolando "Midnight" Reid and Rajae "Flaja" Gayle have made this year's Carifta team as announced in today's Observer.

Reid (photo left) has the distinction of being the first outright sprinter from Munro to make the Carifta team since Franz "Pocco" Bernard and Pete Coley in the late '90s.While Rajae Gayle (photo right) continues a deep tradition of Munro Throwers who have represented the country. From Dr. Gwyn "Bigga"Jones and Dave "Cudjoe" Grant in the '80s, Rory Marsh, Claston Bernard and Sheldon Lewis in the '90s to Omar Bryan as recently as 2006.

We congratulate them both along with the coaching staff. Job well done gentlemen! Carry the flag high!

Let's celebrate these two spots on the Craifta Team at the MC Track and Field Champs Fish Fry next Friday and Saturday!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Reid and Gayle Place at Carifta Trials 2008

Munro carried a small group of ten to the trials for this year's Carifta Games which are to be held in St. Kitts, March 22 - 24. Double Western Champs gold medalist and record holder, Rajae Gayle had a good showing in the U-17 shot with a throw of 14.18m for 2nd place. He followed that up with a 4th place finish in the discus with a best throw of 43.36m. Rolando Reid, also in the U-17 category, sped to 10.95 to take 2nd place in the 100m and 22.08 for third in the 200m (Above: Reid dips for 2nd in the 100m).

Other Highlights:

Omar Bryan - 46.19m
Razzack White - 44.47m

Shot Put
Omar Bryan - 14.88m

Triple Jump
Moses Watkis - 13.65m

Rolando Reid - 10.95
Adam Cummings - 11.31 (11.04 in heats)

Rolando Reid - 22.08

Rajae Gayle - 43.36m
Claude Hewwitt - 36.39m
Jevaughn Shaw - 35.89m (2nd-yr CIII)
Emanuel Oniya - 35.23m

Shot Put
Rajae Gayle - 14.18m
Claude Hewwitt - 12.45m
Emanuel Oniya - 11.26m
Jevaughn Shaw - 10.64m (2nd-yr CIII)

High Jump
Adrian Johnson - 1.70m

Boys U-17 100m Final (Reid is in lane 2 and Cummings is in lane 3)
Boys U-17 200m Final (Reid is in lane 2)
Boys U-20 100m Final
Boys U-20 200m Final

Sunday, February 24, 2008

MC Takes 5 at Gibson 2008

Bodes well for Champs
MC Track and Field arrived at Gibson 2008 still buzzing from the West Champs victory earlier in the week. With a slight injury to Class II double middle-distance winner, Erroll Davis, we were unable to field our 4x800 team which has yet to touch the track this season. However, we were able to field teams in the 4x100m all classes, 4x200m Class II and the 4x400m Open.

We made it to the finals in three events, the 4x100m Class III and II, and the 4x400m Open. All three teams placed fifth in their respective finals. Good word must be mentioned of the incredible lead-off leg run by Adam Cummings that saw him covering the athletes from STETHS and Wolmers in the two lanes ahead of him.

Again, there was a bit of controversy with regards to how we finished in the 4x400m open, but pictures tell no lies. We were given a DNF (did not finish) result but the picture clearly shows that we finished in 5th place (click on picture to see larger image).

All in all we had a very good meet as we haven't performed this well at Gibson for quite a few years. This also bodes well for Boys Champs in three weeks (March 12 - 15).

MCTF GIBSON RELAY 2008 VIDEOS (Click on links to view)
Boys 4x400m Open
Boys Class II 4x100m Final

Boys Class III 4x100m Final

Photos: Top Left - Petrol Nelson to Moses Watkiss (Courtesy of Lippy); Centre - 4x400m Photo Finish

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Munro Lifts Title for First Time in Six Years

Western Champs 2008 saw Munro lifting the Boy's title outright for the first time since 2002 (we tied for 1st in '03). The meet was eventful. The first day suffered from the vagaries of tardiness, poor organization and an overall lack of manpower. As a result the best of intentions led to a meet that left a lot to be desired. By now many of you know that Class I athlete Andrene "Petrol" Nelson (above left) had won his heat and was left out of the semi-final on the first day of the competition. After having the coach's official attempt at a protest rebuked on several occasions the senior members of the team sat across the track and stopped the event until a solution was found 20-mins later. Petrol Nelson was properly and officially placed into the semi and proceeded to easily qualify for the final where he came fourth in 50.11s.

The final day also proved eventful as the team bus had difficulties and arrived late. We missed our first race (Class I 110mH) and immediately gave up 14 of our 29 point lead. Shortly after Class III sprint ace Adam Cummings false started and was DQ'd from the 100m final. The dejection was fleeting. As it was Cummings himself that rallied the team back into form by winning the CIII 200m race over the favourite, Demar Levy (Kenroy's nephew) of STETHS.

We had many victories at the meet and featured three double winners in Omar Bryan, Erroll Davis and double record breaker Rajae Gayle:

Class IV
Romario Lynch - High Jump

Class III
200m - Adam Cummings
1,500m - Levar Dunchie (11-yrs old)
High Jump - Chadwick Morrison

Class II
100m - Rolando Reid
110mH - Patrick Campbell
800m - Erroll Davis
1,500m - Erroll Davis
Discus - Rajae Gayle
Shot Put - Rajae Gayle

Class I
Discus - Omar Bryan
Shot Put - Omar Bryan

A comprehensive list of results can be found at the link below:

I'd like to thank all those involved in putting this victory together, it's been a long time coming and the fruit of a lot of hard work by many people mostly unseen. Special thanks must go out to Head Coach Richard Wilson, Coach Cole, Mr. Joe Powell and the tireless Dr. Gwyn Jones who has guided the field event athletes for the greater part of two decades. The field events have been the cornerstone for many years now and it will continue to be of paramount importance in our quest to be successful at the national level.

Congratulations must also be given to the new Headmaster of STETHS, Mr. Keith Wellington (MC Class of '88), for hosting an elegant and efficient final day.

We now move on to the Gibson Relays this Saturday, February 23rd.

Best Regards...
B.C. Hayden (Class of '87)
Team Manager

Photos: Left Top - Petrol Nelson (File Photo); Left - Rajae Gayle (Courtesy of Sickko); Right - Erroll Davis (Courtesy of Lippy); Coaches and Mgmt (L-R): Steve Cole, Richard Wilson, Brando Hayden, Dr. K. Gwyn Jones

Official Final Point Standings (Top 10 in bold)
Munro- 341, Mannings- 312, STETHS-280.5, Herbert Morrison- 158, Cornwall College-104, Petersfield- 100, William Knibb Memorial-86, Godfrey Stewart-69, Green Island-40, Frome Tech-37, Muschett-24, Knockalva and Albert Town-21, Grange Hill- 19, St James High and Little London-15, Lewisville-14, Maud McLeod-13, Rusea's- 12, Lacovia and Maldon-6, Holland-5, Irwin-4, Hopewell and Balaclava-2



Sports Day 2008 proved to be a humdinger in many events. All MCTF athletes performed well on the final day, either winning or placing behind their colleagues. Many discoveries were made on the day including, Shamar Hanson in the Class III sprints and jumps, Ziggy Rochester in the Class I high jump and Romario Lynch in the Class IV jumps.

Final Results

1. Dickinson
2. Coke Farquharson
3. Sangster
4. Harrison
5. Pearman Calder

Photos: Left - Class I 4x100; Right - Principal Branford Gayle and Coach Richard Wilson (Courtesy of Lippy)

*** NB: This will be the last year that PC finishes in last place***

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Results from STETHS 2008

MC Track and Field Stamps Class at STETHS

STETHS 2008 lived up to it's billing. We had strong performances across the board with personal bests set in many events. Our sister school Hampton also used the meet to stage their entrance back into competitive Track and Field. We have welcomed them with open arms as the girls have been training at Munro for the greater part of a month now.

The highlights for us came from Head-Prefect Petrol Nelson, Captain Spotty Stephens , Rajae Gayle, Rolando Reid, Adam Cummings (above) and the much improved Champs Bromfield who should break the 11-sec barrier for the first time this season. Please see selected results below.


MCTF Results- Top ten finishers

Cosmo “Spotty” Stephens (Team Captain) - 4:14:08 – 5th

Andrene “Petrol” Nelson (Head Prefect) - 55.8 – 1st

Omar “O’Bryan” Bryan - 41.43 - 7th
Razzack “Razzack” White - 39.91 - 9th

Rolando “Midnight” Reid - 10.6 – 1st
Tashane “Champs” Bromfield - 11.1 – 5th

Rajae “Flaja” Gayle - 43.33 - 2nd

High Jump
Jade “Stretch” Rankin - 1.75 - 5th

Shot Put
Rajae “Flaja” Gayle - 12.51 - 4th

Adam Cummings - 11.2 – 2nd

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Results from the Kirkvine Meet


We do not believe Munro has ever missed a year at Kirkvine. 2008 marked the 22nd year the event has been run and it continues to be a favourite among fans and athletes alike. The team achieved 6 "A" standard qualifiers and 5 "B" standard qualifiers.

Again Rolando "Midnight" Reid (above) continued to impress with a very relaxed 22.8 clocking in the CII 200m for 2nd place overall in a time trial format. Adam Cummings recorded 24.0 to finish 2nd in the CIII 200m as well.

Munro College Results - Top Ten Finishers

200m: CUMMINGS, Adam - 2nd - 24.0s

800m: DUNCHIE, Levar – 8th – 2:29:7s

200m: REID, Rolando – 2nd – 22.8s

400m: DAVIS, Eroll – 3rd – 53.6s

400m: BLACKWOOD, Jodi-Rae – 10th – 51.8s

Results from the JC Meet


We started our competitive season on January 5th at the JC Pepsi Meet. It was probably our best opener in the last five years as we took three overall first place positions, including two meet records.

In Class III Adam Cummings (left), son of former Munro Class IV 100m record holder Bryan Cummings, got to the tape in 10.9 seconds to take first place overall in a new meet record. First year Class II sprinter Rolando "Midnight" Reid took first place overall in the 400m in a record time of 50.6. Also in Class II Rajae Gayle took second place the discus (1.5kg) with a throw of 43.65m but took first place in the shot with 15.22m.

It should be noted that now veteran thrower Omar Bryan threw the Olympic Weight discus (2kg) 43.00m instead of competing with the boys in Class I.

All meet results can be found at the following link:

Munro College Results
100m: Cummings, Adam - 10.85 (1st place, MR)
100m: Black, Oshane - 13.21 (Class IV athlete)
100m: Lyn, Nye - 14.31 (Class IV athlete)
800m: Dunchie, Levar - 2:29.49 (20th place, Class IV athlete)

100m: Bromfield, Tashane - 11.26 (15th place, 2nd yr II)
400m: Reid, Rolando - 50.53 (1st place, MR, 1st yr II)
800m: Davis, Eroll - 2:08.22 (2nd place, 2nd yr II)
DT: Gayle, Rajae - 43.85m (2nd place, 2nd yr II)
SP: Gayle, Rajae - 15.22m (1st place, 2nd yr II)

800m: Stephens, Cosmo - 2:07.18 (9th place, Team Captain, 3rd yr I)
HJ: Mcbean, Lenwell - 1.85m (5th place, Vice Captain, 2nd yr I)
SP: Bryan, Omar - 14.43m (7th, V. Capt., event forfeited...other athletes used a lighter ball)
DT: Bryan, Omar - 43.00m (Threw the Olympic 2kg weight)

MC Jumper Wins Scholarship to Jumpsville USA

MALVERN, St Elizabeth - Munro College's Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Junior triple jump champion Seon Powell left the island late last week for the University of Louisville where he accepted a full athletic scholarship.

Powell, who will join a team that includes two of the top horizontal jumpers in the United States and will be coached by the reigning National Jumps Coach of the Year, Jake Jacoby, made a break from a recent tradition.

In the past 10 years or so, a number of Munro past students have made a bee-line for Baton Rouge to attend Louisiana State University (LSU), but Powell said he "wanted to make a change and start a new tradition".

The soft-spoken 6' 4" 195 lbs athlete who was fourth in the triple jump at the Junior Pan-Am Games held in Brazil last year, said while he got a number of offers, Louisville was more attractive given their strong tradition in his specialties.

He said, "I am feeling OK about the scholarship and I have confidence in the coach because he is a good jumps coach. He has been the number one jumps coach in the US for the past two years so I'm pretty confident in his ability."

Andre Black and Tone Belt were NCAA Indoor triple and long jump champions, respectively, and Powell will have them as teammates this season on a team ranked No 5 in NCAA Division I outdoor track and field this year.

Powell, who also had offers from LSU, Texas-San Antonio, Tennessee and Kansas State, has a SAT score of 1,600 from a maximum 2,400 which qualified him for any Division 1 school in the US, and along with his nine CXC passes and seven CAPE subjects, and a personal best of 15.33m in the triple jump and 7.08m in the long jump made him an attraction for many college coaches.

The former Lacovia Primary valedictorian and top GSAT student told the Sunday Observer he plans to study civil engineering.

Dr Kevin 'Gwyn' Jones, who coached Powell in the jumps at Munro, has high hopes for the athlete who also excelled in the classroom, placing first in his class at Munro every year up to fourth form and was on the Principal's Honour Roll and a regular student of the month.

Jones described Powell as "very determined and focused... very unassuming when you talk to him. He is not the type who gets riled up and makes a lot of noise, but he works hard at his craft and is very dedicated at what he does, which is a good thing".

Jones, also a Munro Old Boy, said he left Powell to make the choice of schools and did not try to lead him in any direction.

Article taken from the Jamaica Observer...

Welcome to the MC Track and Field Blog

Hello friends, fans and athletes.

This blog exists to simply distribute information about Munro College Track and Field. We will do our best to provide weekly updates during the season and monthly during the off-season.

Things will appear a bit rough at first but we'll put some polish on it as we progress. Check out our YouTube Video Page as well:

Champs '07: Rolando Reid Wins CIII 100m Final, Cummings 6th

Penn Relays '06: Munro Wins Small Schools 4x100m Final

Thanks for your interest.

B.C. Hayden
Class of '87