Friday, April 11, 2008


Class II and Sprints Dominated for Munro in '08
For the last three years we have wrapped up our "Champs" Season with a Team Meeting and small Prize Giving Ceremony where those who have gained points at the National Boys Championships are awarded. This builds on the Annual Bucky Awards that are given out by Dr. Jones each year for field event athletes.

At this meeting we also take time to review and analyze the team's performance at the meet and lay the groundwork for strategy going into the next few seasons. Since we now have the blog we can share some of these highlights with you. We normally meet to discuss strategy in May before final exams and again in September at the beginning of the academic year. I will keep you abreast of these dates as we would like to expand the process and make it more inclusive going forward.

A few integral boundary conditions before you review the charts. At Boys Champs the breakdown of total point potential across event groups looks like this:

Event Group

Contribution to Total Possible Points (%)

Sprints, Hurdles and Relays


Distance & Mid. Distance




Jumps and Heptathlon


As you can see sprint related events account for most of the maximum possible points earned at the Championships. In order to win these Championships one must at worst have a team balanced across at least three of the event groups including the sprint related events.

Munro has traditionally done well in the field events and as such we have a strong base there. This year the tables were turned somewhat in that most of our points were earned in the sprints as seen in the first and second charts (tough to label without HTML). To see the charts in greater detail simply click on the picture and it will expand. There's a lot more to say but these images are self-explanatory and we're out of space. Feel free to ask questions and make comments and we can respond there.

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